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This is a "public" entry, visible to non-members. It's a good idea to put in public entries only things that you want to be, well, public! To make a post visible only to logged-in community members, change the "Show this entry to:" dropdown menu, at the bottom of the post options, to "Members".

If you add a tag to your entries, you'll later be able to view all entries with that tag. This one will have "members:artsyhonker", so that if I want to find all my entries easily later, I can.

At the moment, DreamWidth accounts are free and don't require an invite code. I will be moderating membership in this community, all the same. At some point it is likely that DreamWidth will require invite codes again: at that point I'll be happy to invite people who would benefit from access to the group.

It's possible to "screen" comments, so that they won't appear unless the person who writes the entry approves them.

If you want to, you can "track" this community so that you get a notification every time someone posts a new entry, for example. here is the address to manage those settings. If you have your DW Inbox set up to forward to your e-mail, this means you'll get an e-mail with every new entry. This could be useful if you don't want to have to check yet another site for content.

I'll write another entry, members-only, with a bit about me in it.


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